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 Help! I've been banned!
There are two likely scenarios here, either your IP has been flagged and the automatic anti-abuse system has kicked you out, or you've been naughty.

In either case, you should send an E-Mail to support at with your username and / or IP.

Supplying the IP will speed up the process of unbanning users/guests who have been banned by the anti-abuse system.

 I can't access the website!!
If you for some reason can not access the Macintosh Garden website, there may be a few possible answers for this.
The system may be down for maintenance / there is a fibre or ISP issue / there is a major blackout.

The main page will inform if either of these is the case.
If not, send an E-mail to support at with a description of the error, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

 I keep encountering the same error(s)!
Any information you may be able to supply, for instance what page, what error and so on may help to resolve the issue you may be having.
As above, send me an E-mail and I'll get back to you.