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 [2018-07-11] Preparations for final platform update
The final platform update is coming soon, which means there will be no more hardware upgrades to the old Macintosh Garden, only maintenance and security patches.

This decision has been made as we feel it's more important to focus on getting the new website up and running. That's right, a brand new Garden.

There's still quite a lot to do, but the new site is being written from scratch, with the Macintosh Garden in mind. Compatible with your legacy 68k Mac's!

 [2018-07-10] Technical issues, downtime
There is some extended downtime while we're looking into what caused the bladeservers to cause issues for the virtual machines, working on getting things resolved as soon as possible though.
Everything else seem to be functioning normally however.

Update: Everything should have returned to normal now.

 [2018-07-09] Minor updates, more information
A couple of fixes has been done to the infosite, which means it should be final and working with Netscape Navigator 3.04 and up.
There's also a few new items on the software page.

Did you know that you can also find us on the following platforms as well?
Facebook, Twitter, Discord, IRC

 [2018-04-22] Minor bugfixes
A couple of design bugs have been fixed. A few tiny ones left.
Software list has been updated with proper links to the web browsers, it will be extended with a couple of other internet softwares at a later time.

 [2018-04-20] Infosite Reboot!
All the old news items have been removed.
Site should now be compatible with older browsers.